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special needs adoption

Special Needs Adoption Consulting


Because we believe that every child deserves a loving family, Christian Adoption Consultants has created a program designed specifically for families who desire to make themselves available to adopt children with special needs or who are difficult to place because of their age (children 3 and older or sibling groups).


Many of these situations come up within the foster care system, but we have seen an increase of the number of special needs situations within the world of adoption agencies and attorneys. It is our desire at Christian Adoption Consultants to be a resource to families who’s heart is for special needs adoption and to be a resource to agencies seeking families for special needs adoption situations.


We define special needs as any medically diagnosed disorder like Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, HIV, heart problems requiring surgical intervention, or any number of other syndromes or medical disorders. (We will not be considering drug/alcohol exposure in this category unless it is very severe.)


We are including consulting for adoption of children 3 and older in our special needs program because of the likelihood that these children will have emotional and behavioral issues and the frequency of RAD, ADHD or Autism occurring in older child adoptions. Older child adoptions can appear in agency/attorney adoptions when the biological family is no longer able to care for a child that they have attempted to raise. Older child adoptions can also occur when an adoptive family has entered into an adoption (often an international adoption) and has come to the place where they do not feel able to care for and parent the child they have adopted. This is called an adoption disruption.


If you are open to adopting a child with special needs or an older child and you are NOT wanting to pursue healthy newborn situations, this may be the perfect fit for you. Families in our special needs program will not apply to agencies in the same way that our regular program families do. They will be completely prepared and ready with home study and profile. When a special needs situation arises they will be contacted by us or a number of agencies that deal more specifically with special needs situations. You will have our full support to walk  you through the domestic adoption process.



Christian Adoption Consultants fees for this program are reduced


  • All consulting fees for CAC's Special Needs Program are reduced by 25%.


I am honored that you are considering the adoption of children with special needs, and would be so blessed to partner with you on this journey.


Dawn Wright

Special Needs Program Director - Christian Adoption Consultants


 For packet and application please email us, and we'll gladly get you more information.

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