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Surprise Adoption Amid Covid-19 - Jim & Sara's Adoption Story

Jim and Sara had just completed their Home Study when they got in touch with me. They were excited to proceed using Christian Adoption Consultants. One service we provided was creating a professional Family Profile, which when complete meant they were ready to present to adoption situations. A big surprise came their way when just two months later, interestingly enough right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, they heard about a 'stork drop'; a baby boy just born a few days before. Sara shares their story:

"We were trying to begin a family since we were married in 2015. After four failed in-vitro fertilizations, we realized that God’s plan for us was to adopt. We reached out to friends who had adopted through Christian Adoption Consultants, and they had such wonderful and promising things to say about them! We knew that we had to use them for our journey. Dawn and Jason made our journey smooth, easy, and pleasurable! We could not imagine going through this on our own without their support, prayers, and guidance. 

We were blessed to adopt our newborn baby boy as a surprise adoption in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both of us have been able to be home with our healthy, happy baby during these trying times, and we realize that this wouldn’t happen otherwise. Our baby’s birth parents are loving and supportive, and we are so happy that they chose us! We have a social media page that we share photos with them regularly. In summary, our baby has been an amazing blessing in disguise and we wouldn’t change a thing! Our journey has been so intimidating, overwhelming, and a true test of our relationship. We wouldn’t change a thing about our journey to parenthood!"

Of course despite the current era of uncertainty for us all babies are still being born, expectant moms are making adoption plans, and the need for adoptive families, along with their desire to adopt means that we are continually working hard as adoption consultants every day. As a team we haven't stopped working hard on behalf of our families. God is still impressing adoption on the hearts of His people, and as an adoption consultant I am here to listen, encourage, pray, and work hard for you as you proceed with your journey towards adoption.

Please don't hesitate to call/message/text me with any questions:

(813) 360-7368



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