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One Couple's Happy New Year - Adam and Katelyn's Adoption Story

We have had the honor of serving an amazing couple during their adoption journey to their precious daughter. Adam and Katelyn’s baby girl was born January 1st – talk about Happy New Year! What more of an amazing and beautiful way to begin a new year than to welcome your child home through adoption! Katelyn shares their story:

“The idea of adoption was placed on my heart when I was a teenager. I truly knew in my heart I was going to be an adoptive momma someday. Although I had no idea what that would look like, I felt God tugging me in that direction all those years ago.

Fast forward to 2016, when my husband Adam first acknowledged God pushing him in the direction of adoption. Although Adam wasn’t quite ready to “agree” with God’s plan yet, we started to pray more intentionally about it.

Now, we can fast forward to January 1st, 2019. I can remember our conversation vividly. We were sitting on our balcony and I looked at Adam and said, “Are you ready?” He replied, “Let’s do it!”. So, we started our home study process and began researching agencies and ultimately decided to use Christian Adoption Consultants. We trusted their expertise to guide us on this crazy journey. We had the privilege of working with Dawn Wright. It was a blessing to have a true professional in this field, and she really led us through all of the uncertainties of this process. We were home study approved April 9th, 2019, and our baby girl was born January 1st, 2020, exactly one year after we finally said “YES” to follow our hearts.

The most trying part of this process for us was the lack of control. The only control we had was the very first step, the decision to adopt. Every other step was a true trust test. Although the lack of control in this process tested our faith, and caused us to question whether God was “really” calling us to this, we now know and fully believe, He was really calling us to trust Him more, and lean on Him in an even greater way. And because we did, we have been blessed with the most beautiful and sweet little girl, and our faith has been stretched greater than we thought possible.

After we brought our Baby E home, I had a moment where God reminded me of his greatness. As I was holding our baby girl and looking in her eyes, I began to cry. It became crystal clear to me in that moment, God placed adoption on my heart at the age of 15 because He had this special girl in mind the entire time. We were ALWAYS meant to love and parent Baby E. He was in control all along.

Our daughter’s birth mom is the most incredible woman we have ever met. She is kind, strong, faithful, loving, brave, and selfless. We had the privilege to spend some time with her at the hospital, and we shared many special moments together. We are forever grateful for her bravery and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. We look forward to the time we get to tell our daughter about her amazing birth mother. It has become my mission to eliminate the stigma surrounding birth moms.

I have learned in the adoption journey that when you feel out of control, trust harder. Following Jesus isn’t easy, but I don’t believe it was supposed to be. Adoption isn’t easy, it was never supposed to be. Adoption is a calling, and if you feel that calling or tug on your heart, trust it. I truly believe God calls us all to touch the kingdom in our own special way, and if He is calling you to extend your arms to love on one of his children, say yes to Him.”

2020 could also be your year for adoption! Please reach out to me and I’d love to share more with you about adoption, and how by using an adoption consultant you have a professional who can walk with you step-by-step through the entire process.

Please don't hesitate to call/message/text me with any questions:

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