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Hope In Adoption - Brian and Sara's Story

Brian and Sara were referred to us by one of our amazing families, Brandon & Kathryn (Read their beautiful story here). They contacted us in mid-March 2019, signed on with me at Christian Adoption Consultants in early April, and we got their profile completed within 3 weeks (They were rocking and rolling on things!). They had previously been licensed through their state's foster/adoptive care system. They pursued domestic adoption, and God opened a door for them to adopt a precious baby boy from their home state of Iowa (my native state!) three months after their initial contact with me.

“Our story is more than a story about adoption, it’s a story about hope and God’s faithfulness – even when our faith is faltering. We wanted to add to our family, but it just wasn’t in the biological cards. After several years of praying for direction, we became licensed for foster care. In our naïve minds, there were kids in foster care waiting for forever homes. We wanted to be a child’s forever home. It would be easy-peasy. It wasn’t. And, we began looking into other options.

Through a friend, we met a family who had worked with Dawn and Jason at Christian Adoption Consultants to adopt their beautiful baby girl. We talked with Dawn and within a week of that initial conversation, we were sending Jason pictures and information for our profile book. Dawn and Jason did a fantastic job helping and communicating with us (even when they were on vacation out of the country)!

We filled out applications, reviewed situations daily, prayed for God’s guidance and submitted packet after packet after packet. We were consumed with checking email, websites and social media pages daily for new situations. But, every time, our profile either wasn’t presented to the birth parents or we simply weren’t selected. We would read a situation and think “wow, we are exactly what they want!” And then when we weren’t chosen, it felt like being personally rejected.

I came home from work one day in early June just hopeless. We’d been “rejected” for a situation that seemed to be a fantastic fit. I remember asking my husband, what was wrong with our profile, why didn’t anyone like us. I remember praying that night and asking God just to take “this” and do with it what He wanted. If that meant we adopted a baby, great, if He had other plans, fine. I just didn’t want to feel so defeated and hopeless.

The next evening I received a call from a social worker we had met by chance early in our foster care journey. She asked if we were fostering or if we had a pre-adoption placement. We didn’t have either. That’s when she told me, a healthy full-term baby boy had been turned over to local officials. Due to the circumstances, his case would move from a foster case to an adoption case in a matter of weeks. She said we were the first people that came to mind when she took the case. Did we want to take the placement? She didn’t have to ask twice.

The next day we went to meet our beautiful baby boy. The moment we held our son, we knew he would be part of our family forever. There was never a doubt. God gave us peace. This was His plan for us. Despite our lack of faith at times and our bouts of hopelessness, God was faithful. His plan was far better than any we could have scripted. Our son is the perfect addition to our family at the perfect time. On National Adoption Day, we had the blessing of becoming a forever family.”

Every family's adoption story is unique, and I love seeing how God moves in faithfulness to our families. Thank you Sara for sharing your story! We are so thrilled for you all!



I’d love to talk more about adoption (dometic, special needs, international or foster care/state adoptions) with you – it’s my heart. It’s my passion. Give me a shout anytime at:

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