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Navigating Adoption - Why Use a Christian Adoption Consultant?

There is so much to consider with adopting a child. It may feel like navigating a busy highway - one filled with crazy drivers, obstacles on the road, pot holes and pitfalls to avoid, and storms that will make driving hazardous! You simply want to get to your destination - bringing home a child and beginning a new adventure, but you are worried if you can get there in one piece without getting lost or finding yourself broken down beside the road! You need a really good navigation tool, like a solid real-time GPS with live traffic updates!

That's where we at Christian Adoption Consultants come in! Each one of us are adoption professionals with rich and varied experience, proficient in safely guiding our families along the adoption road with as little stress as possible. We provide sound advice, yet allowing our families to maintain control at the wheel. And better than a robot we are real moms and dads who know how it feels to journey this road. We deeply care about our families, and our job is never done until you are safely at your journey's destination, and your family is grown by adoption!

It Makes Financial Sense

(Helping with driving Costs)

  • You pay for the services of a consultant, but what you receive is professional help that results in saving money throughout the process of adoption.

  • Christian Adoption Consultants gives you help with lists of grants, no or low interest loans, tax refunds, as well as resources for fundraising.

  • We have some agencies that defer their application fees for CAC families until the time of match, saving you thousands in application fees.

  • We have thoroughly researched multiple agencies and attorneys, and with CAC services our families have less than a 10% adoption failure rate.

Less Time Waiting and Less Time Stressing

(Finding the safe shorter routes and making the drive more pleasant)

  • On average, families using our consulting services wait less than 6 months from the time their home study is complete until an adoption agency places a child with them. Some families only wait a matter of days or weeks before receiving a match from an agency or an attorney.

  • Your own Family Profile designed and created by an adoption professional within a couple of weeks, and families with high quality profile are statistically matched quicker!

  • All those application forms completed for you - Have your consultant complete your agency applications!

  • Resources for your questions from reliable sources, as well as get your emails and phone calls returned quickly.

  • Referral to reliable Homestudy agencies and referrals for finalization.

Dependable Professional Christ-Centered Help

(High quality GPS with 5 star reviews)

  • There is nothing that can replace a professional who personally and consistently gives you service that is of the highest quality. We guide you through the entire process of adoption from starting your Homestudy through bringing your child home. Christian Adoption Consultants has been working for families like yours for over 12 years, with over 2,000 families served!

  • We have personally adopted 9 children of various ages. We have experience with domestic adoption, international adoption, adopting sibling groups, transracial adoption, foster care, and special needs adoption. Our youngest 2 children came to us using CAC’s services. We have been where you are now in considering using a consultant. We also have experience working for a local adoption agency writing Homestudies, in addition to providing services to expectant families.

  • We have had the joy and privilege of working on the team at Christian Adoption Consultants for over 5 years. Our entire team believe in the healing and redemptive power of Jesus Christ, and that God has a beautiful plan in bringing families together through adoption. We pray for our families - we ask God's guidance for our families, His peace in the challenging times, and we give Him the glory in all things!

Are you ready to begin your journey? Please give me a call or shoot me a message today, and I'll gladly share more about what we do and how to get started. I can't wait to get going on this journey with you!



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