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"Braxton Is The Joy Of Our Lives" - Jeff and Karen's Broken And Beautiful Adoption Jou

Jeff and Karen came to us at Christian Adoption Consultants in early August 2015. They flew to pick up their baby boy in August of 2016. In between was a broken and beautiful journey to their son, Braxton.

It is a journey of pain, but also of God’s great faithfulness. As Karen says, “God is ALWAYS faithful”, and He proved this to them both. They learned, because of this process that when you are faithful, and put your trust in God, “He shows up. It may not be in the way we expect”. As adoption consultants we have the great honor of seeing our families match and bring home their precious children. We also have the difficult privilege of being there to support, encourage and pray with them when things don't go as planned and heart break occurs. This is one such hard and beautiful story. Jeff and Karen share their story in this short video:

As you consider adoption we’d love the opportunity to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.

Dawn: (813) 360-7368

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