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120 Children Home: Celebrating 5 Years As Adoption Consultants - Part 2

In Part 1 of our post we shared the story of how we came to work for Christian Adoption Consultants five years ago. As adoptive parents of 9 children, and working professionally as adoption consultants, our lives revolve around adoption – it is something we live and breathe all the time. It is truly our joy and privilege to serve families going on their adoption journey. In this post we wanted to share our:

Why we love working for

Christian Adoption Consultants

Top 10


We love to encourage families

from a place of personal experience

Having adopted 9 children ourselves, we understand how our families feel as they pace the floor, kneel beside the bed to pray over the next steps, and bring their children home.


We adore seeing all those gorgeous faces

in our Facebook and Instagram feeds

While most people must see so many negative Facebook posts these days, we are dreaming with our present and past families looking at their beautiful children grow up!



We have the privilege of

praying for our families daily

We get to pray for expectant mothers and watch as they bravely choose and work with adoptive families. The losses in adoption are as real as the beauty, and through prayer we become a part of how God is working in all their lives.


We are part of an amazing team

of adoption professionals

The two of us enjoy working with the other consultants at CAC, who are equally amazing adoption professionals who love the Lord and work so hard together for our families.



Our children join with us

in celebrating the joys and blessings

All our 9 kids are adopted, and we openly talk about adoption at home. When a family matches or brings a baby home our kids get to join in on the joy, and they cheer for our families.


We enjoy making beautiful profile books

for our families

It is rewarding to bring a family’s story to life for expectant families to read. We take pride in creating top quality profiles that make all the difference.



We love sharing the stories

of God’s faithfulness in adoption

Our own story and the stories of our families are shared often to encourage those who may be thinking about adoption. They are a testament to God’s provision and faithfulness.


Every single day in our work is different for us

Each day we create profiles, spend time with families on the phone, communicate with adoption agencies, and every conversation is always fresh and new.



We love to work together

as a husband and wife team

We have been married for 20 years, and we truly enjoy working together as a couple: brainstorming, planning, visioning and dreaming, and praying together with our families. We both bring unique gifts and abilities to serve our families.


Seeing 120 beautiful children,

adoptive, and birth families unite

What a privilege and honor it is to be part of something so wonderful, amazing, and so much bigger than ourselves. It has, and continues to be our great pleasure to serve our families! Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you!


We’d love to talk with you about adoption. Call or email anytime:

Dawn: (813) 360-7368

Check out Part 3 of our post here.

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