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120 Children Home: Celebrating 5 Years As Adoption Consultants - Part 1

What an amazing and blessed journey this has been for us as a couple over these past five years! Words cannot describe the awesome joy and privilege that it is to encourage and walk alongside so many families in their adoption journey. We get to wake up each morning in the knowledge that we will see God’s hand at work in bringing children into their forever family.

“Adoption is something we often dreamed about but never thought it would happen. Using CAC made the process a lot less overwhelming and scary. Dawn & Jason "held" our hands the whole time. They were great and extremely patient. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for them and our son's birth mother. With their help, my husband and I found what we were missing, and our family is now complete.”

- Mike & Crystal, Georgia

It all began for us with a failed international adoption. We had already fostered and adopted six children and brought home our son through international adoption from Ethiopia. When the failed adoption happened, we were so very sad and didn’t know where to turn. After praying and seeking what else the Lord may have for us we found a blog about another large family who adopted their 10th child through domestic infant adoption! When we read they had used Christian Adoption Consultants we instantly called and spoke to our consultant.

She talked to us all about the process and how Christian Adoption Consultants works. We were excited, and within a few days we signed on with CAC. Within a week we had flown to Pennsylvania and our daughter was in our arms and legally ours! Such a miraculous blessing to us.

Within a couple of years when Christian Adoption Consultants opened a brand-new program for Special Needs Children we called our consultant again and said yes to another child. Within a few months our youngest son came home. Experiencing first-hand God orchestrating our son joining our family was truly amazing.

During the process of our two domestic adoptions we shared about CAC with literally hundreds of people, which led to dozens of clients signing on with Christian Adoption Consultants. Those families knew that we’d had an excellent experience with CAC, and we wanted everyone to know who they were and what they could do to help families adopt. Finally, less than a year after bringing our youngest son home we started working for Christian Adoption Consultants as a husband and wife team. We were so excited that we were able to fulfill a passion of adoption in our job that we both share. Every time we have a new family sign on with us we get butterflies as we dream with them about God’s plan for their family. We pray with and for them and watch as God unfolds their story.

It is a privilege for us to be able to serve our families together and we couldn’t ask for a better job! Thank you so much Malcolm & Amy Young, CAC’s founders and directors, for allowing us to follow God’s calling on our lives.

Check out our follow up posts: “120 Children Home: Celebrating 5 years as adoption consultants - Part 2 and Part 3”, where we share our Top 10 joys of working as adoption consultants, as well as some cool facts and stats about our work and our amazing families!

“This wonderful couple helped direct us to the babies God knew needed us as much as we needed them! There is so much loss on all sides in adoption, but God can redeem it! Dawn and Jason prayed with us, longed with us, and reminded us God had already written our story. All we had to do was wait on His timing! If you have questions about whether adoption is right for your family call them! They can pray with you over the phone and wait with you until you know!”

- Will & Holly, Illinois

As always, we’d love to talk with you about adoption. Call or email anytime:

Dawn: (813) 360-7368

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