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4th Generation Adoption! Congratulations Michael & Beth

Our precious baby boy is a fourth-generation adoptee. It's amazing to me to think about how God has taken four separate stories and written them together into one big family book!

Since my husband, his father, and his grandmother were all adopted, we always planned to adopt one day in the future. Infertility took us by surprise, and we leaped into treatments enthusiastically. As time went by and the loss and disappointments built up, my enthusiasm lessened and my heart became more in tune with the idea of adopting sooner rather than later. We decided we didn't want to pursue the only option left to us on our treatment path. In my research, I learned about Christian Adoption Consultants from a friend and decided to call. I'm so glad Dawn answered! She answered all my questions,and I was happy to have a plan in mind.

In the spring of 2015, some dear friends organized a puzzle fundraiser on our behalf. Because of that blessing, we were able to officially sign on with Christian Adoption Consultants and begin our home study. We were chosen by an expectant mother around 5 months later, and our son was born late in the year. Our sadness and longing for a child turned into the biggest joy we have ever experienced!

Yes, we had to wait. Yes, we experienced loss and heartbreak. No, the adoption process wasn't always easy. There were definitely bumps along the way. All of this was more than worth it! We can look back now and see how much our marriage and faith grew during the waiting. The entire journey helped to prepare us for our lives as parents. We will always be grateful for our son's first mother for choosing life and entrusting us with such a wonderful gift.

I am still in awe when I look at our son. He is the best baby and full of love, sweetness, happiness, and we are even starting to see some silliness start to come out. I am so glad that my husband and his family showed me what adoption looked like, and I am thankful that God wrote our precious baby boy into the book of our family!

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

If you have questions about adoption- let us help answer your questions and help you on your journey today! 813-360-7368 or email

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