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Adoption Is Like Waiting For Crocuses

Growing up in England I can remember the long hours of winter darkness. On the shortest days I would walk to school in the dark in the morning, and by 3:30 in the afternoon when school was getting out it was already twilight! The cold of winter sometimes just seemed to drag on and on. In the midst of the damp and cold, all of a sudden we would see in our back garden little green shoots poking up through the frosty ground, and then before we knew it out popped a beautiful purple bloom with a splash of gold in the middle. Such beauty came from a forgotten bulb planted long before. These pretty little flowers seemed to brighten up the gloominess, and remind us that all the blooms of Spring and Summer were on their way. The crocus symbolized hope.

Long before our child comes home to us through adoption a seed is planted in our hearts. Many people, maybe you, have heard God’s voice calling to you to open your heart and home to a child through adoption. That seed or ‘bulb’ is planted. The promise of what’s to come is borne in our hearts. Long before the joy of tiny fingers and toes is a world of process. Paperwork is begun, a home study is set in motion, fingerprints taken, applications completed. And the waiting begins.

Even though at Christian Adoption Consultants we see our families matched on average within 6-12 months (which is by many standards in adoption a short period of time), those days, weeks, months of waiting can feel just like the endless waiting for the crocus to appear. Those dark frozen days of waiting, longing, praying for your child can drag on and on. And you feel discouraged, doubtful of God’s plan, and wondering if you will ever get to hold your precious child.

Then, in the midst of the ‘darkness’ of waiting, often when we least expect it we get ‘the call’ that changes everything, and we see the ‘shoots’ appearing in the ‘garden’. Anticipation really kicks in, and you know that soon, very soon you will get to see the ‘flower’ you’ve been yearning to see all this time.

The day finally dawns when God blesses your heart with immense joy and the child you’ve been waiting for has now arrived. The doubts are gone because you are holding this precious child in your arms. Just like the new blooming crocus you suddenly forget about the long winter nights of waiting. It all seems worth it. And you’d do all it all over again for this child. Maybe you will do it again for another precious child, just like after next winter the crocuses will come and bloom, and usher in joy and hope into your life.

Adoption is walking into the unknown. Adoption is trusting God’s plan. Adoption will rattle your nerves. Adoption is beautiful. Adoption is the blessing of God in your family. Adoption is definitely like waiting for crocuses.

- Jason

Having someone in your corner during the 'winter months' is invaluable, and that's what we do. We'd love to answer any questions you may have, and we'd be honored to walk with you on your adoption journey as your adoption consultants.

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