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Adoption Story - Congratulations Sten & Amy!

We came to Christian Adoption Consultants in November 2014 after two horrible failed matches, financial loss and broken hearts. Being seasoned International Adoptive parents, but new to domestic adoption, we needed the expertise and advocacy of people who understood and ‘got it’. Dawn and Jason were just those people. We connected on so many levels, but especially on a spiritual level. I knew when Dawn came to us with a situation that she had already prayed over it and was trusting God to speak to us whether it was a good fit or not! That was huge for us!

We lost our youngest daughter (adopted from Ethiopia in 2011) in a tragic accident in May 2013 and Dawn was so sensitive to the emotional nature of our case. Every step of the way, she reassured us that God had a child ready for us, we just had to trust Him.

On January 15, Dawn sent me a potential situation to read over, Sten and I immediately felt a deep connection with the couple and their story. We had been really praying for an open adoption situation and this couple had been too! We decided to present our profile to them and we found out the very next day that they had indeed chosen us! The baby girl was due in one month! Life is a blur from that moment on. We talked on the phone and bonded right away. They really wanted me to travel to their home state to meet them prior to the birth. I left to meet them on February 6 and was supposed to return home the 7th, but as I was boarding the plane, our birth mom called and said she thought she was in labor! I got off the plane and headed to her immediately! What a roller coaster ride the next few weeks were, but I stayed with family to wait things out and we were blessed with many days of growing a very special bond with each other that really planted the seeds for our open adoption.

Two weeks later, our precious daughter was born to the most amazing young woman. Her courage and maturity were something I was so impressed with! We stayed together at the hospital and my husband and four of our children tried to make it out of the North East and the foot of snow that fell that day! On Feb. 23rd, Sten arrived and met our sweet angel and her birth parents. It was really incredible how everything came so easily between all of us. God was certainly right there in our midst. The moment for signing papers came and it was very tense as we were asked to leave while they signed. We were gone an hour and I remember texting all of my praying friends to cry out to God that whatever is best for our ssweet daughter to happen at that moment. We got the call to return to the room and when we entered, her birth mommy said “Come in and see your daughter.” They were so grateful to US! It was truly the most beautiful moment, more tender than I ever could’ve dreamed.

When we started the journey of domestic adoption in January 2014, we had so many doubts. Who would choose a family with six children already? Would our daughter’s death scare off a birth mom? Our children are older, will that matter? SO MANY doubts. But, we went where God led us. We had painful lessons to learn in that journey, but eventually CAC was where God wanted us and they were the connection to our sweet daughter. Without them, we would’ve given up. Thank you for taking such amazing care of us, Dawn. We also cannot finish without mentioning the wonderful time and attention that Katie Fenska at Christian Adoption Consultants gave us. Her prayers were cherished.

If you are having any doubts about whether using an adoption consultant is worth it, let me tell you with 100% certainty, it is worth every single penny. Peace of mind. Honest advice. Years of expertise. And a group of people who ‘get it’ and will pray you through whatever trials may come and cry tears of joy with you when that perfect baby is finally placed in your arms. You won’t regret it.

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