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50 Children Home Through Adoption!

50 to use.jpg

50 is a BIG NUMBER! We are celebrating all the beautiful families that have been created through adoption using Jason and Dawn working for Christian Adoption Consultants!


This special little man was our very first match and placement! We even got to meet him in person last year while his family welcomed ours to stay with them for an evening!

50 children home pic5.JPG

Here's some more special moments captured of some beautiful and treasured children brought home through adoption:

50 children home pic1.jpg

Fun Facts:

  • We have personally met 10 of the children that have come home!

  • 2 families have brought home a second baby already...... and more to come

  • 9 of the children were over 3 years of age.

  • 19 boys and 31 girls

  • Our families are spread out over 21 different states.

50 children home pic2.jpg

More Facts:

The 50 children now home have 85 siblings loving on them!

12% of our families have been matched within a month

40% of our families have been matched within 3 months

76% of our families have been matched within 6 months from signing on with Christian Adoption Consultants!

50 children home pic3.jpg

Most importantly we have enjoyed so much praying, talking with, and sharing the beautiful journey of adoption with each one of our beautiful families! Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving all of you! Praising God for each and every child!

50 children home pic4.jpg

Call Dawn at (813) 360-7368 today or email us at: for more information about adoption and any questions you might have about our services - we'd love to walk with you on your own journey of adoption just like these precious families have.

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