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When Should We Adopt....Again?

This is a question from clients as they finish their adoption journey. I wanted to share some thoughts with you on when exactly is the right time to adopt again.

1- Does your homestudy agency have a specific amount of time that they want you to wait between your adoption finalization and starting the adoption process again? Some do have restrictions. We do not have restrictions with Christian Adoption Consultants. I usually suggest waiting until your child is approximately 6 months before starting the home study process again.

2- Are you ready financially for another child. I am not saying you have to have everything in the bank and ready, but are you ready to start fundraising again, or are you at a point that you feel you are ok with the financial part to your next adoption.

3- How many more children are you wanting to have total. Some families adopt one child and that has completed their family. Others adopt 2, 3, 4+.

Adoption is a road many travel more than once. My usual response is if you are interested in adopting again pray and seek God. Some feel that they have "too many" children to adopt again or are already too old. Maybe they feel like finances are in the way.

I truly believe that when you are seeking to add to your family through adoption that there will be a way- financially, even if you are older, and even if you have many children already. I have seen so many families through Christian Adoption Consultants that have at first thought they couldn't possibly adopt again, and found that it was more than possible.

If you have questions about adopting agin please call or email me. I am happy to answer your questions!

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