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Adoption Story - Congratulations Steven And Barbie

When Steven and I came to Christian Adoption Consultants we were home study ready and had a completed profile. We were ready to be matched and our hearts were imploding with excitement. We signed on with them in mid- February, days later we were presented with our son's situation, and in early March we were notified we were selected. We connected with birth mom a few days later and we instantly jived, which served as a confirmation that God was overseeing this match providing a tremendous amount of peace to not only us, but most importantly her.

Three weeks from our initial conversation, we welcomed our son into this world. We were blessed to be at the hospital at the time of his birth and were able to love on him, and his birth mother the entire time. Something beautiful happened at that hospital, not only did we add an amazing and strong boy to our family, but we added additional members - our son's birth family, his birth mom, his siblings, and his grandmother.

Our adoption journey was short (2 months from match to placement) compared to the many years we endured of infertility riddled with loses and surgeries. I wouldn't trade any of those emotional and physical scars, because the pain of those trials and our willingness to surrender to God's plan for us, led us to our beautiful son.

For those still on this journey, may you be encouraged knowing that God is hearing your cries, he is faithful, and his promises are true. Trust him, as we did- the joy he will provide will surpass your understanding. In him, Barbie & Steven


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