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Happy Birth Mother's Day

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I have 9 children born to another woman who call me mommy. The magnitude of that trajedy, and the depth of that privelege are not lost on me! Originally written by Jody Landers, and changed slightly by me to fit my family.

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Every day that we have the crazy, fun, sometimes intense responsibilities of raising 9 children this scrolls through my mind. It is not a road that easy or for the faint of heart because the heart of adoption isn't pure joy. There is a loss. A loss for your child(ren), a loss for a birth family, and sometimes even loss on the adoptive family's part as well. That enough makes some people run away from the process.

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Even with eyes closed the joy on my face says it all. My dreams have come true. I get to be a mother! I get to have that privilege! I also know and am well aware that it came with a great sacrifice.

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In our home we have picture frames all filled with birth mothers and our children. This is a spot in our home where we pray our children always feel welcome to ask questions. To talk about their feelings. For me to be reminded to always hold these women dear and near in my heart.


To never just think that my life is privileged and ignore the beautiful women who gave me that privilege. To honor them and who they are! To speak respectfully and honestly about them. To pray for them with my children. To give thanks for them.


Today we set aside to give thanks for their lives and the women who chose life for them! THANK YOU would never be enough!

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From our family to yours- remember always that women everywhere need space to share their stories, some pictures, dreams for their child, and their love for children that they have placed in families.


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