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When To Present Your Adoptive Family Profile

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As a couple who is in the adoption process there are many questions. One question a lot of families have is when should we present our profile to an adoption situation?

*Decide ahead of time what your family is open to: alcohol exposure, drug exposure, or mental health history of the birth family, are you open to adopting transracially, boy or girl or either, physical special needs, twins or single birth, or ageof the child.

*First go through all the information provided by the agency thoroughly and don't rush. This is a hgue decision and not one to make too quickly.

*Decide what is practical for your family. Not every situation will fit every family and that is ok. Taking notes of anything that would make this potential situation a good fit or why it isn't a good fit.

*Consider your budget and travel expenses.

*If you are unsure of any of the aspects of the adoption situation- ASK! One of the huge advantages of hiring Christian Adoption Consultants is that they have lots of experiences with many kinds of adoption situations. I am always happy to go through a potential adoption situation with a client to help them think of quesitons or give them feedback.

*Pray about your decision. Allow God to whisper to your hearts about His plans for you as well.

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