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Adoption Profiles – Getting It Right Makes All The Difference!

Many couples starting out their first adoption are unaware what an “Adoptive Family Profile” is and what part is has to play in the adoption process. Very quickly as you dive into things, you discover that a profile is needed because it is the ‘book’ that is presented to a birth mom so she can get to know the families who are interested in adopting her child.

So, it is therefore recognized that your profile is extremely important, and a key piece of the puzzle that you want to fit just right into the big picture. Even knowing this you may be surprised as to how many people actually invest very little of their time or efforts into creating their own profile. With the best of intentions a profile is created that can actually miss many key points that are crucial to making it a success.

Have you considered.....

Creating your profile will take a considerable amount of hours, whether you do it yourself or have it done professionally, and the successful profile will look the part! A great profile will also give the right impression of your family both in the design or ‘look’ and also in the way your story is told through the narrative.

It is not imperative that you hire a professional profile creating service, as you can create your profile on your own (and some couples have done this very well), but there are some questions that are well worth asking yourself as you consider getting your profile put together:

  • Do you have the time to work on putting your profile together?

  • Do you have an ‘eye’ for layout, design and presentation?

  • Do you know what details about you should be included and what should not be included?

One great reason to choose a CAC adoption consultant…..

As your consultants with Christian Adoption Consultants we offer options to choose a package that includes a professional profile creation. Here are some great reasons to let us do this for you:

  • One less thing to get stressed over (And believe us when we say many people get highly stressed over this). We make the process as smooth and painless as possible

  • We’ve done the homework, so we know what questions to ask you for your narrative, and we know what kind of pictures will be a success and the quality and quantity needed.

  • Peace of mind knowing your profile will look great, hit the mark and help you get matched quicker with your birth mom.

What about the cost?

The biggest reason many couples create their own profile is cost. Doing it on your own can save some much needed funds, right? Consider this though:

  • The difference between our “consulting package” and our “consulting and profile package” is the best deal you will find for a professionally created profile, period. You can check CAC’s current fees for more details in the packets on the forms page of the website.

  • Your profile is one of the biggest overall investments in impact, yet actually one of the smallest investments financially in the adoption process.

  • We are firm believers that God orchestrates things with adoption that no human can put together, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t put forth the effort. Many men would have willingly married their bride even if she wasn’t wearing a bridal gown, but she still chose to present her best self for her husband. It’s similar with adoption – don’t cut corners to save money – this is a valid and worthy investment of your funds.

We would love to answer your questions about profiles and anything to do with the adoption process. Please call or send us an email: or (813) 360-7368

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