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Closure Documentary - An Adoptee's Journey

Some adoptive families ask me "What if my child wants to find their birth family one day?"

"What if their birth family replaces us?" is a deep fear that many adoptive families feel.

I want to shed a different perspective on this. When we have talked with our children about their birth families they have no desire to "replace" us. They do have a desire to know more about those pieces of their life that only the birth family knows.

That can make us very uncomfortable....the fact that there is someone out there who is the only one who "looks" like my child or the only one who knows pieces of my child's history that I don't know.

The documentary "Closure" can prove powerful for our kids. It's important for us to remember that there can be other people who love our child. If nothing else I feel that this movie - although only one person's story - can really open our eyes to see the connections between adoptive and birth families.

This is one person's journey to putting the pieces of her adoption story together with names and faces. I encourage any adoptive parent, adoptee, or birth family to watch this documentary. It shows all sides of the story in a great way and is available on HULU & NETFLIX.

(Caution for little ears - there are few cuss words)

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