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An Adoption Story - Congratulations Matthew & Stacy

Matthew and Stacy signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants special needs program hoping to bring home an older child or maybe a young sibling group. God had another special surprise!

While waiting and looking and saying yes to many other situations their local agency called and asked them if they were interested in a little baby boy..... and they once again said YES!

This yes had some bumps in the road, but God was faithful in their waiting! They signed on with us in May of 2014, had their homestudy finished within a little over a month after that. This little handsome boy was born in September!

I love the privilege of a court adoption day! You get to stand up in court and acknowlege that this little one that you have loved for a while now is a child you have pledged to parent. A day where you say YES I want to make sure they are loved and taken care of for life! Congratulations!

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