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Adoption Story - Congratulations Steve and Heather!

Steve and Heather signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants in August. They had their profile done by October time, they matched in mid December, and their sweet angel was born just after Christmas!

Here is part of what this beauiful family wrote about their adoption.....

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the agony of waiting that comes with adoption. What I didn't mention in that post was that I had just sent our family's adoption profile to a prospective birth mother and was anxiously waiting to find out if she would choose us or not. Well, she did!

When Darling and I first agreed to pursue a domestic adoption, we began to pray ceaselessly for our baby, her birth family, and for God's will about the whole thing to be crystal clear to us. I prayed that the birth parents and us would have complete peace about the decisions, and that none of us would have any significant doubt about the match. While it probably sounds rather cliché to say, I knew it was right from the moment I saw the birth mother's name in the subject line of the email from our wonderful adoption consultant. It was a match at first sight on my part. (Darling's too, once he got the scoop.) There were still occasional moments of fear that things wouldn't work out, but I knew all along that this girl was the one who was carrying our baby. Thankfully, that solidified even more when we talked to her on the phone a few days later, and again when we met in person a few days after that. I truly love that woman, and not just because she gave us the sweetest gift in the whole world.

Literally days after our hurried first meeting (which was not supposed to take place until the following week, but the birth mother insisted we meet sooner "just in case"-- thank goodness!), we got word that she was in labor and we did our best to rush to the hospital. By the time we got there, our daughter had arrived! Because our birth mother is so awesome, we hung out with her and the baby for hours and hours those first few days. We all kept saying how perfect and natural the whole situation was, even though adoption isn't really a very natural thing. It's pretty weird to parent a person who just hours before was inside a different woman, but it didn't really feel weird. When I saw the baby for the first time, I knew without a doubt she was my daughter, and I loved her just as much as I did the first time I saw my other kids. I wasn't expecting that part to come so easily or naturally, so it was a welcome relief. I didn't know her at all yet (as opposed to biological kids, whom I'd been able to talk to and feel wiggling around for several months prior), but I loved her completely.

I will say that her birth mother is beautiful and smart, and we are happy to have her in our family now. Any woman who can do what she did is simply amazing, and I will always admire and respect the courage and strength she has shown.

In the meantime, I am loving all the comments from strangers about how great I look for having a newborn. Ha!

This story is shared with permission from:

In Pursuit of Rainbows

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