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Adoption - All I Really Want For Christmas

The Title of this post was taken from a Christmas song by Steven Curtis Chapman - All I Really Want For Christmas. It is a favorite of mine.

Christmas is next week and it always seems to just sneak up on us all as we are busy preparing, decorating, baking, and going to all those Christmas programs. Have you ever looked around and thought to yourself someone is missing?

It is a question many families have asked themselves. It is the main reason people start asking us questions.

Some are afraid to even get started in the adoption process because the think of the two things we all think of- cost and where do we even begin?

What if you had someone to help you through the process? Someone to literally walk with you the entire time? This is what we do for so many families.

Then the only question would be cost... What if this Christmas you asked your friends and families to help you get started? It is the perfect gift for any family that is thinking that God has a wonderful new journey for thier family.

You know the song I are some of the lyrics.

All I really want for Christmas Is someone to tuck me in A shoulder to cry on if I lose Shoulders to ride on if I win There's so much I could ask for But there's just one thing I need All I really want for Christmas is a family

Could you be that family?

I think the one thing that can help families through this process is to know that there are children that need families. Sometimes we buy into the lie that there are plenty of families lining up to adopt, but put simply there are many children in need of adoption as well. Have you thought about it?

Call 813-360-7368 today or email anytime and allow us to help you with that perfect Christmas gift of starting your adoption journey.


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