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Adoption Story - Congratulations Jason And Debbie!

If you have ever asked if you can still adopt even though you have a larger family this story is for you!

A couple of years go, we began following Jason and Dawn Wrights blog. Even though, they had no idea who we were, we felt a connection with them, due to their passion for adoption. We had adopted two times prior and each time, God's hand in the process was very evident.

In May 2014, we signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants. We have five children and know that with many agencies, our family size is a detriment to being selected for the placement of a baby. Dawn and Jason assured us that our family size would not prohibit us from adoption and reminded us that God had the right child for our family.

Our paperwork was complete in July 2014 and we immediately began submitting our profile to several situations.

One difference that we really appreciated with Christian Adoption Consultants was the ability to see so many situations and be proactive in saying that "Yes" we want to be presented. With other agencies, the process felt long and quiet and we were constantly wondering if any birthmoms were looking at our family. We really like the model that CAC has in working with several agencies, which allows adoptive families exposure to more situations.

There were days, after not being selected that we naturally felt discouraged. However, we serve a great God and He is faithful in finishing what He starts. We surrendered our plans to Him.

The week before we were selected by our baby's birthmother, we were feeling as though God may be calling us to an international adoption of a sibling set of 5. We were praying fervently and asking God to give us direction, wisdom and clear vision. Moments before we started paperwork with the international agency, we were called and told that a birthmom that we had wanted to be presented to 2 weeks earlier (she had been put on hold) was ready to look at profiles. Did we want to be presented? We said Yes and 24 hours later were told that our family had been chosen. God had clearly spoken.

The next week was a whirlwind as the baby's due date was in a couple of weeks. On November 1, 2014 we received the phone call that our precious baby girl had been born. We boarded a plane the next morning.

There are no words to describe the joy of meeting the precious baby that God hand selected for us. We are in love with this sweet bundle.

We have had the wonderful opportunity of spending time at the hospital and 2 dinner dates with the birth family. We are eternally grateful that they chose life for this child and humbled that they selected us to raise her. The relationship that we have formed with them is just another gift that God has given to us in this journey.

We have enjoyed the privilege of working with the Wrights and Christian Adoption Consultants, as well as the agency we worked with. The staff is personable and proactive in helping both the birth family and the adoptive family.

Thank you all so much!!!

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