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The meaning of "Adoption Shaped Heart"

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So today it is official we are launching our brand new website about adoption and how we can help you on your adoption journey. For years I have been blogging about our family and many times that has included many posts on adoption, but today we are putting adoption as the spotlight on our new website/blog.

So why did we choose the title “Adoption Shaped Heart” as the name of this website? Over a year ago we started tossing around names for a possible website. All kinds of things went through our heads. This title just stuck because the more we thought and dreamed about what it meant, the more we just fell in love with it.

The most wonderful families we have met along our own adoption journey over the past 14 years has greatly influenced us. Our clients, our friends, and many people who have supported us. There is just something special about them that we just can’t really describe very well. It is a character that you can’t just find anywhere. It is a twinkle in their eyes when you mention the word adoption. It is the “Let’s get this fundraiser going and bring this child home” determination. It is the supportiveness you get when you blog, email, call, or talk to them about the ups and downs of adoption.

It hit us what they have is…. AN ADOPTION SHAPED HEART! We truly believe there are many out there with this same heart, but some just don’t realize it yet. The heart to fight for, raise funds for, pray for, give all they have for a child they may not know yet. Some feel like the road is just too overwhelming. This breaks our hearts because we can see it - that adoption shaped heart. I see the fact that they could open their hearts to another little one that needs a family.

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That is why we think that the name is so important. We want to encourage and support those who need a little tug, a little push to realize that this is what God has called them to do. Yes, we agree it can be overwhelming, but that is why you have those who encourage you along the way. Those who cheer you on! Those who are on your side and can’t wait to see the miracles God has in store for you!

When we think of what our Heavenly Father did for us. Coming to us as an infant who was helpless in a manger to an unlikely couple with very little resources. Growing up in a common position in society. Then choosing his closest friends and taking the world by storm so much so that every time we read the New Testament we are still in awe. To giving His all to die on the cross for us, and then conquering death and rising again. All so He could say “come to me” so that you may have eternal life.

So you can see and have an example of what an adoption shaped heart looks like. Let me show you the love, determination, and sacrifice. Let me show you the grace, forgiveness, and compassion. I truly believe that as we follow God our heart becomes more and more like His. That we see more and more clearly He wants us to have an adoption shaped heart and ask others to join us in this journey of loving others with all that we are.


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