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Infant Domestic Adoption Consulting


When you sign up with Christian Adoption Consultants, we as your consultants work for you to make sure you have a successful adoption:


  • We help you network with multiple agencies that are ethical and need adoptive families. This gives you a huge advantage and helps you match quicker, and save you money.

  • We offer a service to professionally write and design your family profile. This is a benefit to

    our couples and enables us to utilize the knowledge that we have acquired to help couples match in a much shorter time frame. We

    offer several profile packages and options to customize.

  • We give you the control of saying yes or no to situations based on whether they are in your budget, or match what would be a good fit for your family.

  • We help connect clients with a quality, trustworthy social worker or home study agency in their local area in order to get their homestudy completed.

  • We work with adoption agencies that work in adoption friendly states as well, so typically birth parent consents are signed in 48-72 hours. Also, some of our agencies will waive the upfront application fee to our clients.

  • You get your own personal advocate with a lot of experience helping to answer questions along the way, and giving you personal support throughout the entire process.



A breakdown of our services
  • Adoption Education, Support and Guidance – We advise and support you throughout the entire adoption process, guiding you every step of the way.

  • Home Study Guidance and Agency Referral – Each adoptive family is required to complete an adoption home study. This process usually takes 6 to 8 week after paperwork is received by your social worker. The licensed social worker assigned to meet with the prospective family will determine their readiness to become adoptive parents. This can be an intimidating and stressful experience. Our goal is to relieve some of the anxiety by connecting clients with a quality, trustworthy social worker or home study agency in their local area. The home study usually consists of the following: A meeting with the husband and wife together, a meeting with the husband and wife individually, and a visit to the prospective adoptive parent’s home. We will prepare you for the home study process and educate you on the paperwork needed so you know what to expect.

  • Agency Match and Placement – We help you adopt quickly by networking with numerous licensed agencies that meet your specific requirements. This not only ensures you a faster adoption, but saves you money. Some of our agencies will waive the upfront application fee to our clients.

  • Family Profile – This service includes professional picture selection and custom design.

  • Financial Education – Our financial packet includes information on the Federal Tax Credit, Dependency Exemption, Pending Adoption Tax ID number, Grants (Contact information including: Organization Name, Phone #, Web Address, Application Information), Adoption Fundraisers & Creative Financing, Adoption Support Organizations, and Employer Benefits and Adoption Loans.

  • Explanation of Adoption Costs – We explain typical agency fee breakdowns, average adoption costs, and how to lower agency fees.

  • Education on Birth Mother Warning Signs and Birth Father Situations – We help our clients reduce the risk associated with adoption by matching with specific birth parents and steering clear of birth parents that exhibit common warning signs. Our agencies disclose a full social and medical history for the birth parents and frequently test for drugs and alcohol exposure.

  • Travel Advice and Tips – Our travel advice and tips include airline and hotel discounts and a packing list for baby.

  • Finalization referral and guidance – We inform you on finalization in-state vs. out-of-state, finalization fees and attorney referrals, and why you shouldn’t pay a retainer fee.

For more information, our adoptive parent packet and application please email us, and we'd be glad to share details with you.

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