Navigating Adoption - Why Use a Christian Adoption Consultant?

There is so much to consider with adopting a child. It may feel like navigating a busy highway - one filled with crazy drivers, obstacles on the road, pot holes and pitfalls to avoid, and storms that will make driving hazardous! You simply want to get to your destination - bringing home a child and beginning a new adventure, but you are worried if you can get there in one piece without getting lost or finding yourself broken down beside the road! You need a really good navigation tool, like a solid real-time GPS with live traffic updates! That's where we at Christian Adoption Consultants come in! Each one of us are adoption professionals with rich and varied experience, proficient in safely

"Desired" - Jeremy and Kari's Adoption Story

Towards the end of 2017 Jeremy and Kari got connected and officially started with us at Christian Adoption Consultants. In less than 12 months they would be holding their precious daughter in their arms! The journey in between was filled with unexpected insights that God wanted for them to experience. Listen to Kari as she shares their story: "Our family has had adoption on our hearts for years. It all began when God started opening our eyes to beautiful adopted children living in our community. As we sought to foster relationships with these wonderful families our eyes were opened to the need. We became passionate about coming alongside families who have adopted and form relationships with

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