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adoption consulting

Why choose an adoption consultant?


When you sign up with Christian Adoption Consultants, we as your consultants work for you to make sure you have a successful adoption:


  • We help you network with multiple agencies that are ethical and need adoptive families. This gives you a huge advantage and helps you match quicker, and save you money.

  • We offer a service to professionally write and design your family profile. This is a benefit to our couples and enables us to utilize the knowledge that we have acquired to help couples match in a much shorter time frame. We offer several profile packages and options to customize.

  • We give you the control of saying yes or no to situations based on whether they are in your budget, or match what would be a good fit for your family.

  • We help connect clients with a quality, trustworthy social worker or home study agency in their local area in order to get their homestudy completed.

  • We work with adoption agencies that work in adoption friendly states as well, so typically birth parent consents are signed in 48-72 hours. Also, some of our agencies will waive the upfront application fee to our clients.

  • You get your own personal advocate with a lot of experience helping to answer questions along the way, and giving you personal support throughout the entire process.

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What we personally offer as your adoption consultants


  • We have personally completed domestic infant adoption, special needs adoption, and international adoption, as well as being foster parents in 2 states, and adopting through foster care. We also experienced a "Stork Drop" adoption, so we know what's involved in an immediate placement without much warning.

  • We have experienced loss through a failed adoption, and a matched child passing away before finalizing their adoption in Ethiopia. We have a deep level of understanding of the grieving and loss involved.

  • We know and understand how it feels to not be able to have biological children.

  • Our family is ethnically diverse, and we have walked the road of trans-racial adoption for 19 years, so we can be a great resource to families who are considering trans-racial adoption.

  • We know how it feels to wait to be matched, and how it feels to pace the floor waiting to hear back if a birth mother has picked you.

  • We love to celebrate the joy of adoption! We have experienced "The Call" that you've been matched, we've walked into the hospital and held our baby for the first time, we've celebrated court finalization where you get to testify that YES you want this child and they will be forever yours and now carry your last name.


The services we offer


  • Adoption Education, Support and Guidance.

  • Home Study Guidance and Agency referral.

  • Recommendations of multiple reputable, licensed adoption agencies for match and placement.

  • Professionally designed Family Profile.

  • Financial Education.

  • Explanation of Adoption Costs.

  • Education on Birth Mother Warning Signs and Birth Father Situations.

  • Travel Advice and Tips.

  • Finalization referral and guidance.

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